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Wednesday, 02 February 2021

The brand new PWS NY State Championship was up for grabs in a Six Man Match at Vendetta …
which actually turned into a SEVEN Man Elimination Match after entrant 
Dan Maff pulled himself out
of the match in favor of unsuccessfully challenging 
Desmond Wolfe!   

This led to PWS acting Commissioner, 
The Pope adding former WWE Superstars Daivari and Kenny
 to the NY State Title Match which also included Sonjay Dutt, Grim Reefer, Fala (with Ox
), The Dynamic Sensation, and Danny Demanto.   

The action came down to TDS with 
Chloe Campbell by his side battling Reality Check’s Danny
Demanto whom was accompanied by the returning 
Velvet Sky!  The back and forth action abruptly
ended after the 300 pound Demanto hit a 30 balcony dive onto TDS through a table!   Both men were
immediately placed on stretchers by EMS and the match was ruled a No Contest.

More on this and the future of The NY State Championship to come. Stay tuned.


Wednesday, 02 February 2021

Reality Check mouth piece Kevin
did the impossible by
pinning former pro Boxing Super
Heavyweight Champion
“Butterbean” Eric Esch to become
the new PWS Heavyweight
Champion.   Reality Check leader
Devon Moore is the longest reigning
PWS Champion with an 18 month
title reign and it remains to be seen
how Moore will react to his Reality
Check partner Matthews capturing
his former heavyweight
championship … not to mention that
Matthews won the belt with the
 Alexa Thatcher in his corner ,
the same Alexa Thatcher that is the
girlfriend of Devon Moore.  Will
Moore’s pride get the best of him or
is this a new begining for the power
clique of Reality Check which also
Danny Demanto and Velvet
to continue their takeover of
PWS?!  Also .. just where is  
“Rotten” Tommy Suede, the last
man to join this terrorizing clique?


Wednesday, 02 February 2021

The Urban Legends‘ Tag Team Titles were stolen out of the locker
room at the last PWS event.  The Urbans confronted all 3 teams in
their Title Match (
The BQE, Buckout Rd Ballers, and The Outlaws
From Hell
) at Vendetta prior to laying out all 6 men and turning
them into bloody messes after a full on slaughter that included
mouse traps, shovels, chairs, tables, staple guns, baseball bats,
singapore canes, and shopping carts amongst other weapons on

The Urban Legends captured the Tag Titles in May 2009 after
winning a tournament which included multi time WWE Champions
Demolition, The SAT, The Best Around, and more.  The Urbans still
remain undefeated and are now on a quest to find the person o


Wednesday, 02 February 2021

Attendance:   927
The Big O defeated Nick Brubaker with valet Athena, Justin Corino, and Bill Carr in a
Pre – Show 4 Man Gaunlet Match.

PWS Co-Owner Pat Buck informed the crowd that Sid decided to not board his flight and
will miss the show.  900+ were very vocal on Sid’s voice mail as Sid’s phone was called
from the middle of the ring. The # was then given out to the fans.  Sid has called PWS
Co-Owner Eric Tapout five hours after he was supposed to board his flight saying “Hey Eric
man, I was at the deli buying a soda and somebody stole my wallet so I have no ID”.   Buck
explained to the crowd that three additions have been added to the event to make up for
Sid’s absence.  Refunds were offered, nobody asked for one.

In an absolute shocking pairing,  Balls Mahoney pinned “The Rocker” Marty Jannetty  in a
Surprise Bonus Match with Extreme Rules. After the match Balls began vomiting as a
result of several chair shots to the head by Jannetty.

Brett Gakiya pinned CJ Esparza after a Solo Spanish Fly in a very exciting high flying match.
 The crowd seemed to love these two youngsters from Illinois whom made their first
appearance in the Tri State area.

Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg interviewed Sami Callihan whom was cut off by Reality Check’s
Kevin Matthews Matthews and Devon Moore.   Matthews & Moore are both former PWS
Heavyweight Champions and demanded to know why they were not granted a Title shot
against Sami yet Colt Cabana was.   Matthews made it clear to Sami that they have a
vendetta against him and that they will have the last laugh when it’s over.   The
Shockmaster then appeared to a huge ovation (and a few chuckles).  Shockmaster
informed Devon Moore to get out of the ring because Kevin Matthews has a match starting

Kevin Matthews beat Eddie Kingston after a wild brawl throughout the building which
included a mysterious guy wearing a Michael Myers Halloween mask aiding Matthews.

Anthony Nese retained The PWS Tri State Title by defeating “Yours Truly” Alex Reynolds in
an amazing technical match up

“The Instant Death Squad” Lucifer Darksyde and Devious won 4 Corners Tag Team Match
after the massive 472 pound Darksyde landed a top rope moonsault for the pinfall victory
which scored a standing ovation from the crowd.

Ring Announcer Larry Legend announced Matt Hardy for the next match.  A lot of people
waited to see whom Matt’s opponent would be as his originally scheduled opponent, Sid,
did not make it to the event (and probably had a lot of angry voice mails).
Just then Sid’s music hit and out came Jay Lethal doing a spot on Sid impersonation
complete with an over the top rope entrance and his rendition of the infamous “half the
brain that you do” promo which got a huge positive crowd reaction.  Lethal immediately
kicked Hardy in the gut and went for a powerbomb.  This turned out to be an excellent
match which went back and forth for about 15 minutes before Matt Hardy picked up the
pinfall vicotry.

The Amazing Red won an Elimination Match against AR Fox, Samuray Del Sol, Brian XL ,
Gran Akuma, and Devon Moore. This was another amazing match with tons of breathtaking
high flying maneuvers throughout.   After Red pinned XL for the win, an angry Devon Moore
and Kevin Matthews hit the ring on the attack.  Red grabbed a chair and warded them off.  
Red and XL got a great post match ovation and the crowd was very impressed by AR Fox
and Samuray Del Sol.  Perhaps the most memorable chant of the evening was “Giiilllberg
Giiiiilberg” at Gran Akuma.

The Lone Rangers with Sam Roberts retained their PWS Tag Team Titles against The
Powers Of Pain managed by The Studd.
The crowd gave a huge ovation to The Warlord and Barbarian whom hit multiple finishers
on Ranger John Silver after the match.

“The Boricua Beast” Dan Maff suffered a back injury during his bout with Jerry Lynn.  Both
of these fighters had huge crowd support throughout this back and forth match.  Maff was
immediately tended to by EMS and is okay.

The Sheik beat Masada with a fire ball after an insane 20 minute brawl all over the building
and onto vendor tables which were quickly turned into weapons. International star Masada
whom replaced Necro Butcher last minute due to travel issues had Wrestling Legend Ox
Baker in his corner while Sheik’s manager WWE Hall Of Famer Abdullah The Butcher was
guiding The Sheik with the Jedi Mind Trick from across the room.

Ring announcer Larry Legend introduced WWE Legend The Godfather whom amped up the
crowd about the upcoming Women’s Triple Threat Match.  Guest ring Announcer Angelina
Love hit the ring followed by Guest Ref Shelly Martinez.    
Reby Sky defeated Spyra Andover and Brittney Savage after Reby pinned Spyra.

“Death Machine” Sami Callihan retained The PWS Heavyweight Championship by defeating
Colt Cabana.
After the match , right on cue came Kevin Matthews and Devon Moore , only this time
followed by a guy in a Michael Myers mask. While Cabana was being helped to the back by
personnel  Reality Check began attacking Callihan a man whom is notorious for closing
events with beatdowns of his own. Jay Lethal hit the ring with a chair to ward off Callihan’s
attackers.  While Lethal was helping up Callihan, Matthews reminded Callihan that they will
have the last laugh when it’s all over.  Out of nowhere the popular Lethal hit a Finishing
combo on Callihan !   Lethal took his shirt off to reveal a Reality Check tank top matching
that of Matthews and Moore.  Matthews then grabbed the microphone and said “for years
this man was telling you to expect the unexpected, so masked man let’s see your face’.  
The crowd chanted obscenities at Reality Check’s newest member The Amazing Red as he
unmasked and revealed his own Reality Check shirt.  This is the first time ever in Red’s
entire career that he has fallen to the ‘dark side’.   As the new and more powerful Reality
Check consisting of Matthews, Moore, Lethal, and Red exited, Callihan vowed that he will
get his revenge on May 4th at Refuse To Lose 2021.

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Wednesday, 02 February 2021

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